*Made in USA* Little Lamp (limited edition)


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*Made in USA* Little Lamp (limited edition)
*Made in USA* Little Lamp (limited edition)

A limited edition extra Little Lamp to connect to your set using the latest mobile technology (4G/LTE) and made in Tennessee and Alabama.

Order yours today and it will be delivered by Summer 2018 (USA delivery only).

A Little Lamp will only work if you have bought a Set and will start working as soon as you plug it in. You don't need wifi at home or a mobile phone.

This special edition will work across the US & Canada as well as the countries we already serve

Included is:

  • 1 Little Lamp
  • Connectivity for 5 years 
  • International connectors

Dimensions: H 132mm x W 105mm x D 105mm

These are made in batches and we will keep you updated on the process. Beautiful design, quality materials and the latest in technology.

Return & Repair policy: When you have received your lamps, you have 30 days to return your lamps to us if you're unhappy about them in any way.

Repair policy: We will offer free repairs for up to 1 year after the date of shipping. After this 1 year period you will need to cover the cost of shipping the lamps back to us but repairs are still free. 

What happens after five years?: We will support the lamps with updates over the 5 year period of connectivity and will offer you to 'top-up' your connectivity for the next 5 years for $50.

Data policy: We do not collect any information about how often you use your lamps or where they are in the world. We do not sell your customer information on to third parties.